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Desireless Abundance is right Here, Right Now. The price tag on this ebook is $29.99 but the universe is overflowing with abundance and wants to offer you this precious gift. If you find the information and techniques in the ebook valuable and if you want to share it with others, then you may come back and pay for someone elses purchase.

This is a unique endavor to participate in the gift economy principle which is based on the natural laws of the universe.

Desireless Abundance Pay It Forward FAQ

What am I getting?
Desireless Abundance Ebook, Bonus Ebooks, Access to Members Area.

Is all this Free ?
No. The price is $29.99 but you do not have to pay any money now because someone who wants to share what they have learnt in the ebook has already paid for your purchase.

Do I have to come back and pay for it later ?
If you find value in the ebook and want to gift it to someone, then just as someone has paid for your purchase you can pay for someones purchase by clicking on pay $29.99

Do I need to enter my credit card details to download it ?
No. All we need is your Email id to send you the download link and followup.

But I do not accept gifts from strangers !
O My God ! Are you joking ? In todays world where everyone wants to get something for nothing you are thinking this way ... Listen, being open to receive is part of being able to manifest your desires. So do not make any excuse to shut the door of opportunity that has opened before you.

Okay Okay, but why are you doing this ?
Glad you asked, you will notice I do not use any scarcity techniques like telling you this offer will expire in , nor will I ever disrespect my readers by saying that only x number of copies are available at a discount. The truth is that I have sold many copies of this ebook for $29.99 but then I realised that I was not practicing what I teach. I have so much abundance and so less desires that I have now decided that my ebook will be a means to open people up to the possibilities of giving and receiving. When you receive with gratitude and then give with love, it is much more beneficial than purchasing it outright. I trust in the goodness of people to come back and pay for another persons purchase and thereby put the Law of Attraction to work for them.

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