It is in Giving that we Receive

We are trying to Make our World Better by bringing about a shift from greed and fear based living to love and gratitude based living. We need your help to bring about this change.

There are many ways in which you can help.


Did you like the desireless dabundance ebook ? Have the thoughts expressed in the ebook helped you ? If so you can make a youtube video that we can use on our site here. Upload your testimonial video and send me the link or you can record the video directly from your webcam into youtube, its easy, just try it.


Do you have any ideas to imporve this site ? Send them to me. Its the thought that counts. Did you notice a spelling mistake, any other error in the site, point it out to me, that way you can help all who come after you. Do you think something can be added or removed from the ebook ? Let me know.

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Just as someone sent you the Gift of DesirelessAbundance, send the gift of DesirelessAbundance to another person. All amounts received will be used to advertise and cover the expense for this site. You can Make Gift Payment Here

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