Experience Overflowing Abundance, Success and Prosperity In all Areas of your Life
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Are you ready to discover the source of Abundance?

You can attract unlimited wealth right now! I am going to show you exactly how to attract anything you desire, and more importantly, I am going to show you how to refine your desires so that instead of causing you pain, restlessness and struggle, following this method will lead you to bliss, peace and satisfaction.

Monday 19th of October 2020
Dear Friend,

What is your hearts desire?
Whether you are seeking financial stability, health, true love, a new job or a promotion, you can create your life as you desire it to be.

Would you like to experience a state where all your desires are instantly fulfilled?

Let me show you that as a human being, you have the ability to materialise anything you want, all you need to do is

  •    1> Know how to connect with the source of all abundance
  •    2> Use the right tools to apply the power of your thoughts
  •    3> Have the right attitude to receive whatever you ask for
It is as easy as 1,2,3 - once you learn about the "Laws of Manifestation" - more on that later.

The Abundance Mindset

Think about the rich people in the world, people who seem to have everything, what is the main reason that made them rich?
  • Not Talent
  • Not Education
  • Not Intelligence
  • Not Memory
  • Not Strength
Then what is it that makes them rich ?
They have a certain mindset that allows them to attract abundance into their life.

You too can cultivate that abundance mindset to become rich instantly.
If you cultivate the abundance mindset and act from a position of abundance, riches will flow to you naturally without any effort or strain. Abundance and Success will become an easy and automatic habbit, just like brushing your teeth!

If you have tried any of the work at home or make money online type of programs, you will find that only a small percentage of the program members are really making money, the majority are barely breaking even, let alone making a profit, no matter how hard they try. Why? The same tools are available to those making a profit and those making a loss, in fact, those in profit actually work much less than the others - then what makes them successful while the others continue to struggle ferociously until they give up ?

The answer is - the successful people have the abundance mindset. It does not matter what program you join or which company you work for, the more you cultivate the abundance mindset, the more successful you will be.

I speak from experience. I am not giving you a theory that feels nice when you read it but has no practical truth in it. I have lived it and that is why I can truely say that the abundance mindset makes all the difference.

"My Own Life Experience"

5 years ago when I was searching for a way to make money online, I joined every online program I could find (and afford). I read every internet marketing and success book I came accross. I worked hard, I applied everything the successful people recommended but I was actually losing more and more money instead of making money.

I thought, if only I could find that one program that works - if only I could find that one secret that makes those people at the top so successful. And for 2 years I continued my search - hoping that some day I will find the perfect online business that works.

You see, at this time I was also practicing meditation everyday, this has been the foundation of my life. That allowed me to remain focused and not be discouraged. I was positive that I will be successful. I don't know when or how it happened but after a while I came to realise that my own doubts were preventing my success. So instead of striving and searching for success, I just allowed success to come to me. I started cultivating the abundance mindset.

Lo and Behold - once I started to think differently, everything changed. The changes inside me caused everything outside to change for me, though it remained the same for everyone else. I started earning huge profits from the very same programs and ideas that were causing me a loss before. I was able to quit my job and enjoy the income from my online business. Fast forward to today, now I have so much abundance around me that I can afford anything and I donate thousands regularly to various charities.

Just as the food you eat has an effect on your health, the thoughts that you think have an effect on how much riches you will have. I will teach you to recognise those thoughts that bring you wealth and happiness, more importantly; I will teach you how to avoid negative thoughts that cause you pain and suffering.

The universe is a machine that responds to your thoughts and obeys what you demand of it. My ebook will teach you, how to operate this machine.

You may not realise it, but your thoughts are the most powerful weapon that you have. Not only will I show you how to direct your thoughts, I will also teach you how you can use meditation to improve your power of concentration, so that your thoughts are transformed from being futile paper bullets into real solid powerful bullets that will instantly pierce and solve any problem that you direct your thoughts on.

This is not a secret - it is a law that all rich people apply consciously or unconsciously - but only now this information is becoming more and more popular as more and more people are discovering how the law of abundance works.

This Law is called by various names - including "The Law of Attraction" - "The Law of Karma" - "The Law of Cause and Effect" - "The science of getting rich" - etc

It does not matter what it is named, it does not matter if you believe in it or not, it is an exact law that can be experienced and verified by you in your own life by making use of your own mind.


The desirelessAbundance ebook brings fresh life and understanding to the law of attraction.

 — Anthony Hosking

If you struggle with your life constantly being tormented by unfulfilled desires, striving to suck just a little bit of happiness from the dry and empty cup of this world then this ebook is for you. Once you understand how all your circumstances are determined by your own thoughts, you will be able to attract all the things you really deserve because as a divine soul you really do deserve them.

If you've tried every hyped-up, pumped-up motivational strategy out there, only to come back down from the "temporary high" just a few days (if not a few hours) later, then the advanced spiritual techniques of meditation and divine intoxication described in my ebook are just what you need to be able to tune into the higher planes of consciousness and finally manifest your desires.

What you will learn in the Ebook

The Desireless Abundance ebook has two parts.

Part One

The first half of this Ebook will open your mind and give you an insight into the following
  •   The 7 Step Action Plan to Attract Desireless Abundance - these are practical
      steps that you will do one by one to reach your goal.

  •   The 3 Keys of Manifestation - Understanding this will change the way you look at
      cause and effect and this new insight will open the doors that lead to abundance.

  •   Where is the source of Abundance ? Once you find the fountain of abundance,
      you will never again have to remain thirsty for anything.

  •   Why money is not evil - if you want to attract money, it is very important to be
      clear not only in your conscious mind but also in your subconscious mind why
      money is not evil. Quotes from the scriptures about money that have been
      misinterpreted over the ages are clarified so that you may have not a least bit of
      guilt about attracting money, lots of it.

  •   Discover the 7 Hermetic Principles of Magic

  •   Learn about the "Science of getting Rich" and how you can apply this science to
      your life to create anything you desire.

  •   Find out the exact programs and techniques that I use to create a
      super abundance of wealth in my own life - this will provide practical
      methods that you can use to start earning money immediately.

Part Two

Not only will my ebook teach you about attracting abundance, but it will also teach you the important next step and show you the path to desireless abundance. The second part of this ebook will guide you into knowledge that will give you the true freedom and peace that all of us seek but few of us ever find. Here is a brief glimpse of some of the advanced topics we will be covering in Part Two
  •   What is the purpose of prayer and how you can apply the power of prayer
      to manifest abundance - even if you do not believe in god!

  •   Discover how desires can make you a slave if you are not careful, learn how to
      differentiate worthy desires from enslaving desires so that your desires will
      lead you to happiness, joy, bliss, contentment, freedom - instead of causing you
      pain, suffering, addictions, restlessness, bondage.

  •   Learn about the litmus test that will tell you without a doubt if a
      desire is worthy to pursue, cultivate and manifest to create happiness,
      or if it should be neglected, starved and purged so that it cannot create
      unhappiness for you.

  •   Learn a simple Meditation Technique that can be used to connect with the
      source of abundance at any time.

  •   Know about the only 6 things that you can take with you from this world
      to the next when your body dies.

  •   Discover the Peace that surpaseth understanding, the pearl of great price,
      the stillness in which all desires melt and from which all fulfillment arises.
      Learn how to experience of the superior bliss of your soul.

Most modern self help books will explain to you how to focus on your desire to manifest your goal, but that is only half the picture. You also need to refine your desires, select your goals carefully and eventually arrive at a state where you have no more desires - experiencing desireless abundance - in this state, you will experience overflowing abundance so that you will manifest what you need even before you desire it. In the state of desireless abundance, you will become a conscious creator of your own reality.

I have experimented with this law for many years and found through my own experience how this works. I also found other authors speaking about the same thing in different ways so I realised that what I have experienced is a common law.

After I mastered this law, I have attracted a LOT of wealth in very little time but I have found that sharing this law with others is more satisfying than to use it myself alone.

So I decided to write an ebook and distribute it over the internet.

Members Area

After you become a member of this site, you will have direct access to the DesirelessAbundance member forums where I answer questions posted by members and regularly post new ebooks, information and tools about manifesting your desires.
You will be able to ask me a direct question on the forum, and interact with other members.
Imagine the positive energy that will flow to you when you are able to interact with a community of like minded individuals who are on the same path that you are.
Imagine the motivation you will receive when you read about the success stories of real people just like you.
If you have any questions about the topics covered in the ebook, you can ask in the forum and receive a direct reply from me. This alone is a priceless opportunity.
Once you experience the blessings flowing into your life by acting on the principles in my ebook, you will want to share your success with others in our members area.
Giving to others will become your natural way to receive what ever your heart desires.

Contents of the Ebook in Brief

The ebook starts with explaining the mental nature of the world we live in, then it explains why "Money is not Evil" and explains quotations form the scriptures about Money. Next it explains how to cultivate the abundance mindset. It then explains the nature of desires and how to arrive at desireless abundance. Then is examines the full potential of the human nervous system, delving into yoga, meditation and physic powers. Lastly it recommends practical ways in which you can start attracting wealth right now.

Bonus Material

The following books are included as a bonus. Each of these is a gold mine of information, most of successful people around the world owe their success to the principles found in these books.

The Bonus Material contains electronic copies of five of the most influential books of all time.

(1) Think & Grow Rich - Often described as the greatest personal success book ever written, Think & Grow Rich is a must read for anyone who wants to improve their business or personal life.

(2) Autobiography of a Yogi - This is a timeless spiritual classic that is written by Paramhansa Yogananda - the great illumined master of our times. This one book is responsible for transforming the lives of countless thousands of people, it is a precious treasure that you will not find in ebook format anywhere else.

(3) As A Man Thinketh - This brilliant collection of essays will help you overcome the negative thoughts that hold you back from reaching your full potential.

(4) The Science of Getting Rich - This is the book that inspired Rhonda Byrne to create the incredibly successful film 'The Secret'. Now you can read the original version.

(5) Acres of Diamonds - An easy to read story that reveals how and where to find the most valuable treasures in life.

I would love to give you the link to download the ebook for free, but there are two reasons why I decided not to make this ebook free

  • 1> I want you to read and apply the information in the ebook, if I give it free most people will not read the ebook, they will download it but not find the time to read it.
    I know how the law works, unless you are invested in the information you download, you will not value it enough to find the time and motivation to read it and apply it.
  • 2> I want to make this ebook available to as many people as possible, for this I need to advertise and make it attractive for affiliates to promote my ebook - so there needs to be a charge that will allow my affiliates to spend in advertising and marketing to bring as many people as possible to this website.

Imagine, if there would be an Aladdin's Lamp that would grant you unlimited number of wishes, how much would you pay for such a lamp ?

I am making a claim that this ebook will not only make all your wishes come true, it will go one step ahead and teach you what to wish for after you have exhausted all your existing wishes !

So how much is this information worth to you ?

It is priceless. No amount of money can buy the path to enlightenment, but you need to be invested in it to make it valuable to you so that you may reap its full benefit - that is the law.

Yes! I want to Start Manifesting Abundance Now!

I want to download, read and put into action the principles of Desireless Abundance immediately. That is why I am taking action now.

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You have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you feel you have not received value in the ebook, you can ask for a full refund at anytime within 8 weeks of your purchase AND get to keep the 5 amazing bonuses as my gift for saying "Thank You" for giving Desireless Abundance a try.
Do you know why most internet products give a money back guarantee? Because if they do not give a refund and the customer does a chargeback, then they will have to pay a fine to the credit card company! So you have absolutely no risk when you make a purchase online using your credit card or paypal.

As long as you do not decide to take action, you will not get closer to your goal. You are not here by accident, your quest for success has brought you here, now you are standing at the crossroads of your life's path, you have to make the right choice and take action, no one else can do it for you. This moment is all you have to make your decision - there is no tomorrow in the eternal now - if you leave now without taking action you may never come back - never postpone to later what can be accomplished now.
This is your Opportunity - Grab it.


As I read this book I was very pleased to see it written in such a way as to bring fresh life and understanding to the law of attraction. The work is clear and concise and I was riveted to the book as I continued to read. . This is one of the best books I have read on this subject, a very pleasant and mind opening experience. It will take pride of place in my collection of self help books.
Anthony Hosking

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